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Nicola Lecca (Cagliari, 1976) is a vagabond writer who, up to now, lived in many European Cities including: Cagliari, London, Visby, Barcelona, Vienna, Innsbruck, Venice and Reykjavik.

His collection of short stories Concerti Senza Orchestra (Marsilio, 1999) was shortlisted for the Strega Prize (which is the Italian equivalent of the English Booker Prize and the French Prix Goncourt).

Aged 27 he was awarded the Hemingway Prize for literature.

Amongst his books are: Ritratto Notturno (Marsilio 2000), Ho Visto Tutto (Marsilio 2003), Hotel Borg (Mondadori 2006), Ghiacciofuoco (Marsilio 2007) and Il Corpo Odiato (Mondadori 2009).

Both his philosophical essays �The lost love of �.� and "Di quasi tutto non ci accorgiamo" have been published in Duch by the prestigious Nexus Instituut, based in Tilburg.

His novel are present in 15 different European Countries.

Up to now Nicola Lecca has been awarded a long list of literary Prizes amongst them: the Prix du Premier Roman, the prize by the societ� lucchese dei lettori, the prize Settembrini, il prize Joyce Lussu, il prize awarded by the �Accademia del Ceppo, the prize Basilicata and the prize Rhegium Julii per l�opera prima.

His philosophical essay "Di quasi tutto non ci accorgiamo" has been published by the Dutch Nexus

In San Pellegrino Terme in 2000, Nicola Lecca received a prize from Mario Rigoni Stern, as the most promising writer of his generation.

For his artistic merits Nicola Lecca was chosen to represent Italy on board the Literaturexpress, a train promoted by Unesco for 100 writers from 46 different countries, that travelled from Lisbon to Moscow.

He was also invited to represent Italy in the anthology Racconti senza dogana - Giovani scrittori per la nuova Europa (Short Stories without Borders - Young Writers for a New Europe), an initiative of the Direzione Generale per la Promozione e Cooperazione Culturale of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with P.E.N. Club. This unique volume was published during the semester of Italian presidency at the European Parliament, and featured short stories by 25 European writers, in both Italian and the original language.

Nicola Lecca has collaborated with RAI radio stations as a music critic and correspondent and has written over one thousand articles for the culture section of various magazines and newspapers, among them L'Unità, La Stampa, Il Giornale, L'Unione Sarda, Grazia and Studi Cattolici. He has held conferences at universities and cultural institutes in numerous European cities, including Moscow, London, Lisbon, Madrid, Tallin, Rome, Lugano, Berlin, Paris and Warsaw.

Nicola Lecca was received by several heads of State and government leaders and in July 2000 was invited to speak at the European Parliament. His works have been translated and published in Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Norway, The Netherlands, Serbia, Spain and Switzerland. Amongst them "Hotel Borg" and "Ritratto Notturno" are proudly present in the Svenska Akademiens Nobelbibliotek

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