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Comments from the press

  • “Nicola Lecca gives voice to passion”
    (Paola Molfino).

  • “Eight beautiful and disturbing short stories”
    (Giovanni Pacchiano on Concerti senza orchestra).

  • “Ritratto notturno is a novel with extraordinary expressivity, pervaded by an intense lyricism. It is one of the most interesting novels written by a young author in recent years”.
    (Roberto Carnero ).

  • “This young author certainly has talent”.
    (Alberto Bevilacqua)

  • “With his last book Ho visto tutto, Nicola Lecca has reached maturity”.
    (Felice Modica).

  • “Nicola Lecca shows an innate vocation as writer and a remarkable stylistic skill”.
    (Ermanno Paccagnini).

  • “In Ho visto tutto as well, Nicola Lecca shows an extraordinary sensibility for capturing feelings and moods”
    (Gabriella Imperatori)

  • “A writer with superlative talent is born”
    (Fausto Gianfranceschi).

  • Nicola Lecca reveals a melancholic soul, a compassionate attention for his fellow-man and, in my view, an undoubted talent with which he always surprises his reader.
    (Giorgio Montefoschi - “Io Donna”)

  • “Vibrant writing, capable of sustaining the evocations of dreams”
    (Giulio Galetto).

  • “In the play of shadows, in the whispers and feather-like asides, Lecca captures the most intense moment of anguish”
    (Giuseppe Amoroso).

  • “What are most surprising about Nicola Lecca are his virtue, his obvious stylistic maturity and his delicate sensibility
    (Claudio Marabini - “La Nuova Antologia”).

  • “Eight short stories poised between silence and pain”
    (Paola Pittalis on “Ho visto tutto” - “La Nuova Sardegna”).

  • “Nicola Lecca is a young writer who deserves our interest and respect (...) he has a true novelist's master of the plot and the linguistic awareness of a mature writer.”
    (Angelo Guglielmi).

  • “Finally a young, promising writer we can stake our bets on”

  • “Nicola Lecca is perhaps the last Romantic writer of this century”
    (Angelo Mundula on L'Osservatore Romano)

  • “Considering his young age, I would venture to say what we have before us is a great novelist”
    (Angelo Mundula)

  • Nicola Lecca has the courage to aim high. And he doesn't cheat. Concerti senza orchestra is the best first novel of this literary year.
    (Renato Minore)

  • “Nicola Lecca is a new writer with an old-fashioned allure, a talented and ambitious novelist”.
    (Gino Agnese)

  • “An intense writer”
    (Gianluca Mercadante –“Pulp”)

  • “Nicola Lecca's prose evokes Nordic landscapes, cold seas, feelings of deep unhappiness, with a remarkable sense of humour”
    (Luisa Ciuni)

  • “Nicola Lecca's writing is linear and full of images and feelings.”
    (Giovanni Mameli – “Sardegna Fieristica”.)

  • “Ritratto notturno is a delightful introspective novel in two voices that proudly draws from the revolutionary narrative techniques that first appeared in Europe in the 1920s and 1930s with Italo Svevo and Robert Musil”
    (Giovanni d’Angelo – “World Literature Today”)

Other comments

  • “Ho visto tutto is an enchanting book in which Nicola Lecca, using his uncommon sensibility, peeps out to the grown-ups' world from under the table.” (Piera degli Esposti, actress and writer).

  • “Nicola Lecca wrote his short stories as writers once did: for eternity. I am pleased that there are still 20 year-olds like him.” (Sergio Maldini, writer).

  • “Nicola Lecca is a very talented young writer. What is most striking about his books are their linguistic knowledge and narrative intelligence.” (Dacia Maraini, writer).

  • “It's hard to find a narrative development as intense as that presented by Nicola Lecca. Ho visto tutto is remarkable for the clearness with which the writing approaches the inexpressible and confers upon it a durable image.” (Giuseppe Pontiggia, writer)

  • “Ho visto tutto works quite well, it's clear, essential, fascinating, and aims straight at the heart.” (Giovanni Raboni, poet)

  • “Nicola Lecca is a promise for the future of our literature”(Mario Rigoni Stern, writer).

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